Dr. Mind by Burbuqe Raufi

This time I would like to write about a story which coincidently came into my life. But timing was just perfect because thanks to Rhonda Byrne and his marvelous book ‘the Secret’ and Robin Sharma’s ‘the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and those sorts of books. Many of you may think what is has to do with the book I’m about to review, but they seem very relative to each other.

When Burbuqe asked me to write a review for her book Dr. Mind, I did not know that I’m about to read another self-help book. That as a coincidence and made the timing perfect.  Because, lately where ever I go, whoever I talked to, I get nothing but a self-help books suggestions, and I have been reading them despite the fact I am not used to be a fan of those sorts of books.  Anyway long story short, upon request I read the above mention and they changed me utterly. I truly enjoyed to read Dr. Mind, because I did not just get some tricks it’s also reinforce my new philosophy and learning about Louise Hay has been a bonus above all.

The main point here is to believe ‘the law of attraction’ and learn how to use it. But what is the law of attraction? It is actually very simple. You have to control your mind. Is it easy to do that? Well it depends on you. If you are determined to achieve the life many would dream of it could be consider easy when you think what you gain after all. In order to do that, you have to learn to control your mind, by getting rid of negative thoughts and to focus on the positive things because it is believed that this would bring nothing but only positive things into your live no matter how hard your condition is. And then visualize the life you want to and  its going to happen (For more information check those books all have many techniques) and its really happening…

The story is about a woman who changed her life by using the power of words and began to control her mind. When she was diagnosed with cancer she was living with her loving husband and two sons. While story went on she was realizing how perfect her life was just the way it was, but felt sorry for not appreciating it as much as she should be. At the beginning, she thinks that it was to late to change her luck till she read a book of Louise Hay called ‘You can Heal Your Life.’

Her first reaction to disease was to understand what it is all about, then when she was treated by five doctors and each of them told her the same thing she slowly face the fact. Modern medicine believed that she could only survive couple of months but she had happy ending by using affirmation to cure her tumor. Her sister is the one who send her Louise Hay’s book but she was too busy with depression and did not pay attention to it at first.

When she decided she has nothing to lose, things began to change utterly for her. After deciding to focus on positive side of things and keep saying ‘everything is well’ and ‘all is perfect’ a miracle happen to her. When she kept to do the same affirmations continuously she learned that her tumor actually turned into a small piece of fat on her right kidney and it was totally safe. The last doctor asked her to get treatment by telling her to check her fats every six months, but she knew that if she could keep up with her new routine she will be safe and sound for a long time. That was actually first day of her second life. When she learned to control the mind she managed to have her dream life by only using the power of positive thinking and daily affirmations. Well it might sound very unbelievable for some of you, please just leave your prejudices behind for a while and focus on this, you will see miracles happening to anyone who want to change their life.  How I know that because I’m doing it, I’m so doing that and miracles are happening to me…

Dr. Mind is a well written novel, easy to read, perfect book for those who are struggling for a miracle, give yourself a chance there is nothing to lose…

Review by Esra TUR




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